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The Southern Metal Music Festival isn't:

About being someone's 'stereotype'...

It isn't about racism....

It isn't about politics or agendas...

It isn't about money.....

It isn't about you....and this isn't about me...

This shit is about southern music, and metal.

This shit is about making music you love, because you can't hear it on the fuckin radio. This is about playing the shit that is in your HEART, because you got to get it out of there, or it will drive you crazy.

This is about southern life: The sound of a thousand bullfrogs croaking at night underneath a canopy of moss covered pine trees in a Louisiana or Mississippi bayou. This is about the sun coming up over palmettos and pines on a steamy summer morning in central Florida. It's about the desert, and the way it makes tequila taste. This is about getting drunk as a skunk listening to lynrd skynyrd (and slayer) on the hood of your car in the middle of nowhere. This is about finding Pantera in the jukebox at a hole in the wall country bar in a dusty little Texas cow town. This is about hunting razorbacks with dogs and a knife. About frying chicken outside on a propane burner, and eating it on a paper plate with louisiana hotsauce and grove peppers.

It's about all of these things that are part of what it is to live in, and love the South, and it's about BEING METAL!!

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