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Retrogression: Awesomely! Refreshingly! Different

Posted by The Metal Lab on March 26, 2012 at 2:40 PM


(From the official webpage) Retrogression was formed 2002 in Finland. We chased after our own sound on four demo tapes and couple of line changes.


After writing two albums for a band called Snipe Drive Antti (Vocals & Guitar) started to think about something completely different. Something that is opposite to Snipe Drive´s alternative rock. Something that represents Antti´s point of view of present society. Society where time and money is everything. Without sex you can´t sell and without being selfish you can´t survive. In a place where youth is force-fed with wrong role-models and sex by media.

Retrogression is

Antti (Vocals & Guitar)

Pekka (Guitar)

Tipi (Drums)

Timo (Bass)

The Review

Retrogression, a progressive metal band from Finland, is lot different from what has been coming out of Northern Europe, When I opened their website page, I was expecting to hear a Children of Bodom cover/copy band. Nope, What I listened to was quite different. To be honest with you I dont know what to think of this band other than fucking awsomely, refreshenly different from the norm in the metal industry as a whole. These guys seem to not wanna be beholding to a certain type of metal, and I love that. My favorite track from the their demo was "Cynical". This song proves what I described above. I wasn't bored with this group like  I so often am. Now on that note, with all the garbage floating around, this band may get lumped in with it because the attention span of most listeners today and this band here, although in my opinion is worth listening to,  may not fit with todays screamo, uberfast blast beated, djent type everyone seems to think is great. With this band you kinda get the best of both worlds. progressive vocals and tight guitar riffage with a relaxation of Tipi (on drums) not all over the place on his set. I listened to this band before I wrote this review and found myself listening to it as I write this review, and because the music is easy to listen to I didn't have to pause to get a train of thought. The guys in Retrogression did a great job with the production of this demo. If you're looking for something different from the norm but different in a good way, This band is it. The website as I see it is still in the building stage, there is not a lot to learn about this band on the site but I'm sure somethings is coming soon and I'll be looking for it. 

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