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Nailed Coil, Nails it!!

Posted by The Metal Lab on March 10, 2012 at 4:00 PM

Every now and then I come across a band who friends me on my Myspace or Facebook who I have never heard of, and I usually accept their friendship and listen to what they have to offer, and maybe 8 times out of 10 I listen to maybe 30 seconds and I have to stop because "in my opinion" they just dont sound that good. Well such a band asked for my friendship and once again I accepted then I listened, Nailed Coil gets it. They are one of the few bands that i listened to a song and let it play all the way through and had the will to click on the next song. (From their Facebook page)

"Nailed Coil was formed 2002 in Tuusula, Finland. The band has played several gigs during the past years in their home country. In 2008 they played Metal camp ´08 festival in Slovenia with famous bands like In Flames, Apocalyptica, Six Feet Under etc."

Fronted by  Aki Salmenoja, Nailed Coil has a cross mix sound  between Hatebreed and Suffocation, and the chops from Henry Grönberg - Guitar, Aaro Koponen - Bass, Joonas Kosonen - Guitar/Vocal prove that these guys have done their homework. The drums ala Eero Wuokko are that of Alex Pelletier(Despised Icon) and don't slow or drag this band down as you see in alot of underground unsigned bands. On their Facebook page, they say they're looking for a label, and if they keep pounding out tunes like "Break Me Down" they need not worry because they should get picked up. Let me end by saying once again, There are a lot of bands out there and most don't get it, but Nailed Coil nails it.

For more on this band check out them out at or!/pages/Nailed-Coil/10244422116?sk=info

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